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Aruba Car Rental Companies

admin - January 24, 2022

Driving to get around Aruba is one of the best ways to know and become familiar with the island. It is for this reason that many of those who have come to Aruba have considered Aruba car rentals.

Now, if you have plans to visit Aruba and you want to explore the island driving by yourself, then an Aruba car rental service is no doubt perfect for you. With the ever growing demands for car rental services, several companies have emerged offering Aruba car rentals. These companies are now operating throughout the island, and these car rentals will all provide you the chance to explore everything that is Aruba. With their growing number, finding the right Aruba car rental company can be difficult, especially with almost every company claiming to be the best car rental company available.

So to help you decide where to rent a car for your Aruba tour, I have listed below three of the best Aruba car rental companies of today. Just read on and if you are serious driving in the island, visit these companies online.

Toyota Rent a Car

Toyota Rent a Car is currently operating at three locations in Aruba: TRAC Booth at the airport, Casa Del Mar and Aruba Beach Club, and Playa Linda Beach Resort. Note that each location has its own time of operation. What’s nice to know about this Aruba car rental company is that it holds a good number of cars to choose from. There are the Yaris (Echo) Sedan, Corolla Wagon, Corolla Sedan, Camry, Corona Sedan, Picnic, and Sienna. All of these models are available at pretty reasonable rates. If you want to know more about this Aruba car rental company, visit VisitAruba.com or call this hotline number: (297) 5834832.

Amigo Car Rental

Located just minutes away from the high rise hotels in Aruba as well as in the Aruba airport, the Amigo Car Rental is highly noted for their on time and professional Aruba car rental service. It also offers a friendly atmosphere, and all of their cars are available for rent at discount rates. However, it is important to note that these discount rates are only available for online reservations. And, perhaps what makes this Aruba car rental company great is that they provide a free pick up and drop of to and from your hotel. For more information, go to AmigoCar.com.

Royal Car Rental

If what you want car rental service that is in low weekly, monthly and long term rates, then the Royal Car Rental is your best choice. This company offers one of the best car rental services on the island with a free cell phone when you book your Aruba car rental longer than five days or when you do the booking online. Aside from that, they offer free delivery of the car, so when you consider this company, expect the car to be delivered right to your hotel. There is even free mileage, as well as third party insurance included. Well, for more details, dial their toll-free number: 1-866-978-0965, or visit ArubaRoyal.com.

Just a note: Driving in Aruba is on the right and only those who are around 21 to 25 and a maximum age of 65 to 70 are allowed to drive in the island. International road signs are in use.

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