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Costa Rica Adventure Tours

admin - January 24, 2022

Want to visit Costa Rica in the adventurous way? Interested to go rafting, hiking, trekking, or paragliding in Costa Rica? Well, whatever kind of adventure you wish to take, Costa Rica has it all. This second smallest of the Central American countries, which is bordered by the Atlantic in the East and the Pacific on the West actually offers the adventure trekkers a wide selection of Costa Rica adventure tours that will introduce them to the country’s wildlife and nature. These Costa Rica adventure tours are offered by most travel companies these days and it’s nice to know that most of the tours give the tourists the chance not only to explore exciting areas in the country, but also the chance to connect oneself to nature.

Below are some of the well-known Costa Rica adventure tours available for you to consider. Please read on:

San Jose River Rafting Tour

San Jose is actually a city in Costa Rica where you can enjoy a whitewater rafting tour with your peers. A number of scenic rivers can be found here, enticing travelers who come for this Costa Rica adventure tour to experience and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime as they raft through some of the San Jose rivers. Perhaps what’s grand about this Costa Rica adventure tour is that you can spot exotic plant life, monkeys and toucans as your rush down the surrounding tropical rivers. And if you are considering a multi-day tour, then you will get the chance to camp and spend the night under the stars amid the gushing sound of the river water nearby.

Arenal Hiking Tour

Arenal is another great place to visit in Costa Rica for an unforgettable adventure. At this place, you can enjoy an ultimate hiking or horseback riding to a volcano observation point or to a scenic waterfall. Also, with this Costa Rica adventure tour, you have the chance to discover what’s incredible about the Arenal Volcano, and perhaps the added bonus of covered transportation, some kind of refreshments, as well as a bilingual guide tops it all.

Jaco Sports Fishing Tour

If sports fishing Costa Rica adventure tour is your preference, then Costa Rica is the right place for you. Yes, a number of fishing charters are actually out there in Costa Rica, offering sports fishing Costa Rica adventure tours. With these tours, you can get the chance to enjoy the world class sports fishing and see up close the giant fishes on earth.

Tamarindo Snorkeling Tour

Finally, Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to experience an ultimate snorkeling in the green-blue waters of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The Tamarindo snorkeling tour is actually considered as one of the not-to-be-missed Costa Rica adventure tours, for the reason that snorkeling in Tamarindo waters allows you to discover the best coral reefs and colorful fishes on earth. What’s more, most of the snorkeling Costa Rica adventure tours include use of the snorkeling equipments, free refreshments, and a guide person.


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