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Find Cheap Las Vegas Car Rental

admin - January 24, 2022

Las Vegas was made for tourists, so Las Vegas car rental is one of the easiest things to find in the city. Not only can you rent car at the airport, you can pick up a car at all of the major Las Vegas Strip hotels like Circus Circus and the MGM Mirage.

There’s not much of a trick to finding affordable car rental in Las Vegas. Booking online as far in advance as possible is the biggest key to getting the best rates.

Booking online in advance, provided you’re willing to drive an economy class car, is the most affordable option. An economy car can cost about $200 to $240 a week from most car rental companies. Lesser known companies charge this rate, but also well known companies like Enterprise will rent you an economy car for $230 a week, if you book ahead. During certain periods and promotions, you can get one vastly cheaper than that, if you keep your eyes open for deals.

The danger of not booking ahead is that you’re stuck with whatever the rental company has leftover. While it’s almost certain that you’ll find a car rental in Vegas at one of the many rental car outlets, you won’t have as much choice as far as the class of the car, or the price.

If you don’t book your Las Vegas rental car in advance, they might only have things like SUVs and luxury sedans available when you need one. This will cost you more. In fact, you might end up paying close to $450 a week instead of $230, because you had to take the only vehicles they had left.

You can find the best car rental deals in Las Vegas buy using websites that specialize in comparing things like airline flights, travel packages, hotel booking and rental cars. Or you can also contact the rental car agencies individually. Comparing online saves you time, however.

Also, comparing online will often save you more money. Hotels, airlines and rental cars often offer special rates to people who reserve their bookings online, in an effort to get people to reserve their rooms, flights and vehicles in advance.

If you stay in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip, you could save money by not renting a car in Vegas at all. Though you probably wouldn’t want to walk to every casino hotel because some are set back at a distance, you can hail a cab at any casino.

You may not be able to hail one from the street, but they’re available at each casino. And like hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas, cab fare is cheap enough that you won’t have to worry about using them during your vacation. Only hail them when you’re not within walking distance of your next destination, and you’ll spend very little.

This saves you the cost of a Las Vegas car rental, and allows you to enjoy the free drinks you’ll get while gambling without worry about driving from place to place.

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