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Top Rated Hotels in Amelia Island

admin - January 24, 2022

Looking for the top rated hotels in Amelia Island, Florida? Well, if that’s what you are after, then look no further. Below is a list of some of the top rated hotels in Amelia Island where you can spend and obtain an ultimate vacation experience. Just note that these hotels in Amelia Island are rated by popularity and I will mention them based on their rankings.

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island hotel is the only five-star hotel in Amelia Island, Florida. This place is rated number one by those who have been there and by critics perhaps due to its first class accommodations and spectacular surroundings which are the order of every day at this award-winning southern seaside resort. It is said that at this one of the famous hotels in Amelia Island, you can treat yourself to world-famous luxury and above-and-beyond service, while savoring a host of activities available. This is located less than an hour’s drive from the Jacksonville, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Amelia Island Plantation Resort

One of the popular hotels in Amelia Island, the Amelia Island Plantation is tucked away n the northeastern tip of Florida. It is considered as a premier oceanfront resort that is home to championship golf and tennis. Nestled approximately 45 minutes north of Jacksonville, this one of the most popular hotels in Amelia Island offers a variety of dining experiences, shopping, as well as recreation in a fabulous natural setting. What’s more, the Amelia Island Plantation resort itself offers unusual shops and attractions, including rainbow-hued tropical gardens and charming homes.

The 1735 House

Located on Amelia Island just 45 minutes north of downtown Jacksonville, The 1735 House is one of the perfect hotels in Amelia Island to escape to your own tropical paradise. Specifically, it is situated right on the beach and this wonderful place offers a wide selection of things to do, from sunbathing to fishing and to just plain relaxing. Also here, you can spend some time on its charming outdoor patio overlooking the sand dunes, and from there, you can enjoy the tinkle of the stone fountain. And, what is unique about this one of the most notable hotels in Amelia Island is that it embraces a charming nautical theme that will surely make you feel as if you’ve sailed away to another time and place.

Elizabeth Pointe Lodge

One of the most enchanting hotels in Amelia Island, the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge was designed as a 1890s New England/ Dutch farmhouse that offer spacious porches wrapping around the house and large windows overlooking the ocean. It is interesting to know that at this portal, you can enjoy the nearly private beaches and the downtown Fernandina is just few blocks away. Also, this one of the popular hotels in Amelia Island is just approximately 25 minutes north of Jacksonville International Airport, making it highly accessible.

Amelia Island William House

Finally, this rated fifth hotel has long been deemed as one of the great hotels in Amelia Island. This hotel is actually over 147 years old and was named as one of the Country Inns magazine’s Top 12 Inns of the Year, and even one of the Top 25 in the South by National Geographic Traveler. As one of the great hotels in Amelia Island, William House offers opulent luxury and elegance that await inside.


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