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Adventure Tours in California

admin - January 24, 2022

Dreaming of California? Want to venture into something adventurous? What about adventure tours in California? Hmm… that sound’s exciting huh! Well, a number of travel companies are now operating throughout the state, providing adventure tours in California and its nearby places. The adventure tours they offer often come in package deals, and it’s nice to know that they are offered at reasonable prices.

So if you are interested for adventure tours in California, I have stressed below some of the most well-known travel companies offering such opportunities. Read on and get ready for your adventure tours in California.

The World Outdoors

The name says it all! The World Outdoors is actually a California adventure travel company that caters to multi-sport adventures. Their concept of adventure tours in California was actually pioneered before in Colorado and it has evolved from biking, hiking, and rafting combos into what it is right now – multi-sport adventure tours in California.

Several claims have it that with this travel company, every adventure trekker will surely discover the world outdoors from a new angle. You will enjoy biking, hiking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling, and even horseback riding, and perhaps what’s best about these offers is that no prior experience is necessary. So amateurs and professionals alike can surely savor and enjoy these adventures without limits. Plus, you will be guided with professional instructors.

The World Outdoors is currently located at Wilderness Place, Boulder, Colorado. You can also reach them online through

Warner Springs Ranch

Located at Highway 79, Warner Springs, California, the Warner Springs Ranch offers a number of soaring and glider adventure tours in California and its neighboring states. According to some claims, your adventure tours in California with this company will begin as you slip into the glider for an experience you will truly treasure for life. There’s nothing to worry about this kind of adventure tour as you will be guided with an FAA-certified pilot who knows exactly the points of interests in the state. What’s nice to know about this kind of activity is that you will be able to see the Palomar Mountain, the Indian Reservations, as well as a number of secret retreats that can only be discover from above.

Backcountry Found

If your target is mountain or rock climbing, the Backcountry Found can no doubt be your best option. Yes, Backcountry Found offers rock and mountain climbing adventure tours in California for those who share similar interest in this kind of activity. Their adventure tours in California will provide you an outstanding escape from your urban life, but promoting conservation, environmental awareness, and self-discovery at the same time. Also, their rock climbing adventure tours are provided with professional guides who can bring you to the best rock climbing sites in America. Backcountry Found is now operating in San Francisco, California.

There are a lot other companies that can give you the ultimate adventure tours in California aside from those mentioned above. The best way to find is through recommendations and through online. So if you have the guts and urge to consider adventure tours in California, then why wait. Look for the best guides and get ready.


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