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Adventure Tours in Vanuatu

admin - January 24, 2022

Formerly known as New Hebrides, Vanuatu is an archipelago composed of 83 islands and dozens of islets. Each of these islands and islets has its own feature that is unique from the other, thus visiting one of these places will surely take you to an adventure that is beyond compare. You can trek from the primordial jungles of Vanuatu, to the virgin rainforests, and to the uninhabited volcanic moonscapes. Indeed, the options are laid down to you, but the decision is yours.

With all the spectacular marvels that the islands of Vanuatu can offer, it’s no wonder that people from near and far away places visit Vanuatu for an unforgettable adventure experience. The number of adventure tours in Vanuatu even increase that quite hundreds of adventure tours are scheduled in Vanuatu today. Most of these adventure tours in Vanuatu include bus tours for sightseeing, volcano tours, aerial safaris, and sail away cruises. There are even some outer island adventure tours in Vanuatu, providing the tourists and locals alike a new Vanuatu taste.

Here are some of the favorite adventure tours in Vanuatu:

Bus Adventure Tours

The bus adventure tours in Vanuatu often include visits to the country’s famous Rentabao waterfalls and the Island Feast. The tours usually starts from the center Vanuatu city to the beautiful Second Lagoon. It proceeds to Eton Beach, another well-known attraction in Vanuatu and stop at the Rentabao waterfalls for an exciting adventure. The tours also consider hiking to the hills of Vanuatu for the great views uphill and drive past Cascades waterfall and finally to one of the most well-known destinations for adventure tours in Vanuatu – the Vila.

Aerial Adventure Tours

The adventure tours in Vanuatu also highlight aerial tours to some of the few places on Earth where you can see active lava lakes. One of the most acclaimed destinations for volcano adventure tours in Vanuatu is the Ambrym Island, where a huge active volcano remains as one of the island’s greatest attractions. It is also interesting to know that the aerial adventure tours in Vanuatu are considered for the travelers to witness the spectacular landscapes of the entire country.

Sail Away Cruises

The adventure tours in Vanuatu are also distinguished by sail away cruises. These cruises are highly considered by most tourists believing that it is the best way to explore and discover the hidden secrets of the islands and the islets. Perhaps what’s more interesting to know about these kinds of adventure tours is that they often include kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling to some of the island’s preserves. Whitewater rafting is sometimes even included in the sail away adventure tours in Vanuatu.

Indeed, Vanuatu offers everything that an avid adventurer will need. So if you want to experience how it feels like to be in Vanuatu, then book your adventure tours in Vanuatu now.


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