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Key West, The American Caribbean

admin - January 24, 2022

Among the Florida Keys, the island and city of Key West are considered a sort of paradise on earth, and the American city closer to Havana, Cuba, and major seaport destination for many Caribbean passenger cruise ships. Key West is the southernmost East Coast Greenway, an urban path linking the...

Grand Cayman Diving And Other Attractions

admin - January 24, 2022

Located 480 miles from the south of Miami, the Cayman islands is well-known for its world-class dive sites and operators as well as their pristine beach front resorts. These islands are composed of Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman. Being the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean, Grand...

Jazz Music Schools

admin - January 24, 2022

There are many excellent jazz music schools across the country as well as all over the world. Here is my list of some of the best colleges for young people who want to get the finest education that jazz music has to offer. Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY At Ithaca College,...

Tools For Learning Guitar

admin - January 24, 2022

Guitarists are insatiable learners and the world is full of great guitar learning material. First of all, there are countless tablature books which show you in the easy-to-learn guitar tablature format how to play all your favorite songs even if you can't read sheet music. If you can read sheet...

Playing Guitar The Easy Way

admin - January 24, 2022

If you are quite the enthusiast when it comes to musical instruments and you have your heart set on that beautiful guitar you saw last week, better start brushing on those fingers. There are some ways you can learn on how to become an excellent guitarist. But first, the basics....

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