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DELSEY Paris Luggage Review: Best Travel Luggage for Style, Durability, and Price!

James Cook - June 16, 2022

Luggage can be one of the biggest pains when traveling, especially if you are someone who enjoys adventure and exploring new places. Before buying a piece of luggage, it’s important to think about how you’ll be using it. DELSEY Paris Luggage Review: Best Travel Luggage for Style, Durability, and Price!

Fashionable Suitcases

When searching for a new suitcase or travel bag online, it can be difficult to find one that’s stylish yet affordable. You may want a nice designer bag that looks great on Instagram, but you don’t necessarily want to spend hundreds of dollars on one. For those people searching for suitcases online who want something durable but stylish at an affordable price, take a look at DELSEY Paris luggage. For just under $200 USD with Amazon Prime shipping , you get a luggage set made from high-quality components such as 1680 nylon material that are scratch-resistant and water resistant.

Ease of use

The first time I packed my DELSEY paris luggage set I was amazed at how easy it was to pack. The expandable feature on these bags allows you to fill them up without any problems. They were so light that they barely made a dent in my back, even with all of my clothes inside. No worries about sore backs or lugging your heavy suitcase around with these babies. The locks are easy to unlock with a slide lock so there is no hassle searching for a key that most pieces of luggage have; plus no worries about losing your keys as there are none.

Spacious storage

One of my favorite things about DELSEY Paris luggage is that each piece is highly durable yet still spacious enough to store all of your necessities. No one wants to feel like they’re carrying everything in their bag—the last thing you want when traveling is excess weight. But I also don’t want my suitcase to feel like a cheap, empty storage container either. Each piece in DELSEY’s luggage line combines beautiful, sleek designs with durable interiors and exteriors (without sacrificing style). This makes them a bit more expensive than other brands on Amazon, but in my opinion, it’s well worth it.

Versatile design

DELSEY Paris luggage comes in a variety of colors. This allows you to mix and match suitcases to your liking. I opted for their Midnight Black model which offers a subtle color without being overly flashy. For example, if you opt for one of their bright colors, it may attract too much attention while traveling (and attracting unwanted eyes). As someone who has been known to travel with thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment in his bag, it’s nice to have something that isn’t eye-catching and blends into a crowd. They also have some great floral designs as well if flowery patterns are more your thing. The versatility alone makes these bags ideal because they can fit any kind of style or personality.

Affordable price

Accessories are a quick way to upgrade any piece of luggage. We recommend packing shoes in small cedar shoe trees to help them maintain their shape in transit. Additionally, you can store shoes in small plastic bags so they’re less likely to come into contact with clothes or other items that may be dirty. You can find shoe bags like these at many department stores or buy them on Amazon . To keep your clothing looking sharp while traveling, consider using a foldable laundry bag (like these ) to neatly pack delicates like shirts or blouses inside your suitcase. That way you don’t have to worry about ruining anything due to creases or wrinkles.

Useful accessories

First things first—the obvious. The luggage is a suitcase; you’ll need something to put inside it. You could just throw your clothes into plastic bags, but why not make things easier on yourself? There are all sorts of packing organizers you can use that will help with organization within your bag (you don’t want to end up trying to cram six shirts into a tiny bag). An organizer also makes it easy to locate an item when you need it—no more digging through a jumbled mess of clothes at 5 AM while franticly looking for an important shirt (that is not ironed).

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